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Work From Home (WFH)

A variety of well thought-out designs to fit in a diverse range of interiors.

  • BYOD - Build Your Own Desk

    BYOD is a surprisingly strong and sturdy desk made out of high-quality cardboard. We ship you 7 pieces of cardboard and a few zip ties along with...

  • Space Saver

    Space saver is a sturdy, durable, and easy-to-clean desk that can fit into any place and interior. It can be used as a computer desk, a study desk, or a Dining table.. The ...

  • Gorakh Laptop table

    Gorakh Laptop table is an ideal desk for small spaces and work from home use. Gorakh desk has versatile use forms; Slide it over the arm of sofa or by the bed side. 

    The frame is designed...

Office Furniture

Ergonomic, durable, cost-effective. Delivered in a box.

  • SLuni

    SLuni is a simple and sturdy work from home desk with elegant hairpin legs and fine fibreboard top. The top can easily fit 2 small LED screens, laptop, and a keyboard.

  • Chundrigar
    Chundrigar is a simple, cost-effective office desk with great cord-management built into it!
    You can add a separator add-on (between the two desks) to ensure privacy for ea...
  • Duo - Office Workstation

    Duo is a 2-person workstation that can seamlessly fit into both contemporary and industrial themed interiors.

    A fabricated soft board divides the desk into two ...

Explore our products

Explore our products

Explore our full suite of products, designed to elevate the common objects around your home to a higher plane of design.

Furniture architect

Modular has the most interesting designs and concepts in furniture. The quality of material used and the design gives your office or home the look they deserve.

Furniture architect
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