Our Mission

Modular is all about providing modern, functional and affordable furniture at your doorstep. We work with local architects, interior designers and craftsmen to create modern and functional designs for your Office and Home.

Our Vision

Modular isn't about selling furniture It is a way of life that we believe in and preach


Furniture really is a never-ending product. Never-ending for us and never-ending for every furniture lover. Style, your house and office space with modern and trendy furniture. So we’ve gathered some very interesting facts about furniture material and its quality.

Modern Design

Our furniture ethnic and trendy design looks and makes your house and office more beautiful. It has the ultimate collection of wood and steel products which gives you a chic look. It has been crafted with high-quality materials that will keep your products for long years.

Having fun all the while

We don't introduce products if our product designer did'nt have fun making them

Collaborative Creations

Our Services

We are geared to serve both your office and home furniture needs. Functionality, modularity, and contemporary feel are the three central characteristics that are a part of every product we bring to life.

We follow slightly different processes for home and office customers.

01. Home Customers

1- We deliver your product in a flatpack at your doorstep. Our package includes the assembly guide if the assembly is required. We also share madmaterial with you over email whenever it is required. 2- You receive your package and assemble using the enclosed guide if required. Our representatives are available on call if you need help with assembly.

02. Office Customers

1- We take the size and drawings of your office. We understand your requirements about the number of people, desk space required by different team members, storage space requirements and conference tables . 2- Our architects plan the entire space for FREE. We deliver the furniture at your office within the agreed timeline. Delivery timeline may vary based on the specifications of order.

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